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Judith Red Dress

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This Judith Red dress is a stunner in it's category. This red & vieux pink lovely print that really makes everybody happy. 

This dress features long sleeves, has a beautiful V cleavage with 4 buttons. Around the waist, there's an elastic and you can make it more narrow with the two ribbons in the front. The underside of the dress has 3 layers and it's more an A-model. 

Pregnant? This is a winner. Also perfect after pregnancy for breastfeeding in style (open the buttons and hup, go ahead).

Tailleert op maat. Model meet 1m75 en draagt een S. Het kleedje kan je aanspannen rond middel, maar zit voornamelijk los. A model. Neem je maat. Niet doorzichtig!

100% Polyester