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Gabrielle Star Dress

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Mini skirt - with an underskirt, the top is a little see through, but you can always put a black top underneath. It has three buttons and a ribbon around the waist. The long sleeves are also see through, which makes it kinda special. Cool mysterious star print, with black, white & silver little details. There are also black starts on it in velvet and a silver surrounding. Short with layers, awesome with boots, a heel and a black leather jacket or a black bernadette. 

Model draagt een S/M en meet 1m74, tailleert normaal - heeft een S in kleedjes. Indien je groter bent van borst, neem maatje groter. Onderkleed vanaf middel tot beneden. Je kunt touwtjes rondom middel aanspannen indien je taille wil accentueren.

100% Polyester